• Oct. 20th 7:30

  • Oct 21st 7:30

  • Oct. 22nd 2:30

  • Oct. 23rd 7:30 -Pay What You Can

  • Oct. 26th 7:30

  • Oct. 27th 7:30

  • Oct. 28th 7:30

  • Oct. 29th 2:30

  • Nov. 2nd 7:30

  • Nov. 3rd 7:30

  • Nov. 4th 7:30

  • Nov. 5th 2:30

Who Killed Ariel?: A Princess Murder Mystery

Who Killed Ariel: A Princess Murder Mystery is a laugh out loud comedy being produced by Smartmouth Comedy Co. The play takes place at Rapunzel’s bachelorette party, all her best gal pals are in attendance; Cinderella, Mulan, Tiana, and Belle. Everything is going fine until the unanimously disliked Ariel crashes the party and is stabbed to death with the very fork she gifted Rapunzel. A classic who-done-it with classic characters in a not-so-classic setting!

Written by Kelliann Kary and Audrey Callerstrom
Directed by Kelliann Kary