Friday, March 24th at 7:30pm
Saturday, March 25th at 7:30pm
and the unholy matinee on Sunday, March 26th at 2:30pm
with 30% more obscene gestures
all tickets pay-what-you-will

The Country Wife

an unapologetic sex farce by William Wycherley

A man who destroys his public reputation to pursue his private pleasures

A woman married for her innocence

Two friends who both want to marry the same woman, but for different reasons

A whole lot of really terrible people doing hilarious things

And double entendres. About china.

Performed by Ethan Bjelland, Jessica Blum, Eric Cohen, Rachael Dosen, Megan Rene Guidry, Cate Jackson, Tamara Koltes, Robb Krueger, Chelsea Lynn, Adri Mehra, Jenna Papke, Brian Watson-Jones

photos by Christopher Mogel