event poster with title "Monday Night Mingles" and two phoenix logos facing each other holding a glass of wine and a bottle of beer.

Every Monday

5:00pm to 7:00pm – Happy Hour

7:00pm – Rotating events

Taking place in the Phoenix Lobby

Looking to meet other theater artists?
New to town?
Bored on a Monday night?

Monday Night Mingles is a casual way to get better connected to the theater scene in Minneapolis. Get a drink, order in food, participate in a round of collaborator speed dating, talk about your fringe script, be thoroughly weird without upsetting the muggles.

Stick around after for a changing series of events. See below for the line-up!

Have your own idea for a post-happy hour event? Email it to [email protected]

April 9th: Script reading of “The Finer Things in Life” by Corinne Salone. After finding out he has a terminal illness, Brellan goes looking for a place to leave everything and die. Little does he know in a bar in a town in the middle of nowhere is something he  won’t want to leave. Her name is Fiona, she’s kicking a drug habit, she thinks she’s pregnant and she’s ready for a change. Though it’s the end, it’s only the beginning of their beautiful journey together.

April 23rd: Monday evening performance of “Twisted Deaths” from Uprising Theater.

May 7th: Open to Interpretation: Turkish Star Wars 2″ (or “Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam’ın Oğlu” or “”Turks in Space”) is a live-dubbed performance of the (much better) sequel to Turkish Star Wars (or “Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam”) a B-movie famous for its liberal “borrowing” of Star Wars footage and soundtrack while having nothing at all to do with the Star Wars universe! Turkish Star Wars 2 is an action comedy science fiction parody based on both Star Wars and Star Trek. How is this possible you ask? Come and find out!

May 14th: Music and Songs with Sullivan Fox. Some of the best songs are stories.  What better pairing than a night of music and storytelling?  “Music and Stories” alternates the original music of Sullivan Fox with stories provided by some of the best local storytellers, performers & writers, all sharing their perspectives on relationships.  Admission is free!  90 minute show
with a short intermission.  Adult themes.

May 21st: Reading of new play “Sugar” by Gemma Irish, with discussion led by Sophie Peyton.  Avante-garde artist Jack is creating socially conscious sculptures and paintings. Her boyfriend, Hugh, is an investment banker. Jack’s free spirit brings a breath of fresh air into Hugh’s more staid, up-scale life. And Hugh’s financial generosity gives Jack a bit more freedom than most of her artist friends. But when the prospect of marriage arises, Hugh and Jack find themselves grappling with the realities of the class system, and with each other.