event poster with title "Monday Night Mingles" and two phoenix logos facing each other holding a glass of wine and a bottle of beer.

Every Monday

through June

5:00pm to 7:00pm – Happy Hour

7:00pm – Rotating events

Taking place in the Phoenix Lobby

Looking to meet other theater artists?
New to town?
Bored on a Monday night?

Monday Night Mingles is a casual way to get better connected to the theater scene in Minneapolis. Get a drink, order in food, participate in a round of collaborator speed dating, talk about your fringe script, be thoroughly weird without upsetting the muggles.

Stick around after for a changing series of events. See below for the line-up!

American Civic Forum is running monthly discussions about politics, activism, art and artists the last Monday of each month. More information

Other Mondays will have workshops, or open mic performances, or a show that you may want to watch in the theater.

Have your own idea for a post-happy hour event? Email it to jenna@artsnest.org


April 24 at 7pm – Choir, Meet Preacher American Civic Forum Discussion
As artists, we’re often told “don’t preach to the choir”—but doesn’t the choir need to hear a good sermon sometimes? Why do we shy away from making art with rousing, explicit political messages? And why do we consider audience interpretation more valid than artists’ intent?


Pay-what-you-can performance of Prometheus Bound

May 1st, & June 5th at 7:00pm
Tickets are on a $5-$10 sliding scale, $3 with a Fringe button
Not-So-Silent-Planet offers readings of plays you’ve never heard of:
Have you ever imagined a world whose laws of physics differ from our own? This series features readings of Victorian speculative fiction for the stage, including lost, unpublished texts that have not been produced in over a century. More information at: maximumverbosityonline.org

Why not? Why not read A Christmas Carol in May? Featuring the only script to be approved by Dickens, produced a mere two weeks after the full publication of the story. Curiously, censors at the time would not allow God to be mentioned onstage in any context — and so, as Stirling’s Tiny Tim observes, “Heaven bless us, every one!”