Third Saturday every month!
10:30-12:30 each night
Tickets, $12

Reverend Matt’s Monster Science

“Reverend Matt’s Monster Science” – “Part science. Part comedy. All monsters” – is a multimedia series of informational talks, and simultaneously comedy routines, on the grand and wondrous subject of monsters. It deeply discusses monsters of all sorts – paleontological, cryptozoological, mythological, and the outright fictional – and it is filled to the brim with top-shelf comedy jokes. When Rev. Matt told Guillermo del Toro about it, del Toro said “You’re my kinda guy!”

Saturday, January 20th – “The Ten Best Dinosaurs” covers exactly that – the ten dinosaurs that are in fact the best. Some because they changed our understanding of what evolution could do, some because of their incredible size, some because of their utter bizarreness, but all because they were totally rad.

Saturday, February 17th – “Kaiju Origins and Fightin’ Skeletons.” The history of the films of special effects master Ray Harryhausen, from the film that helped inspire “Godzilla” to some of the most exciting retellings of the Greek myths ever made. And everything in between, including what may well be the world’s very best cowboys vs. dinosaurs movie.

Saturday, March 17th – “The Ecology of Sasquatch” approaches cryptozoology not in terms of the plausibility of sightings, but the plausibility of ecology. How would bigfoot survive the winter? Is there enough food in Loch Ness for a monster? And sea serpents and goat-suckers and more besides!