Saturday, September 23rd at 10:30pm

Next Month’s Feature:

Fearless Presents: Reverend Matt’s Monster Science

Fearless Presents is a new monthly showcase highlighting a different comedy act every month. 

In September, we’ve got Reverend Matt’s Monster Science is a multimedia series of informational talks – slash – comedy routines about monsters of every type; mythological, cryptozoological, prehistoric, and the outright fictional. It has appeared at the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and various theatrical venues and nerd conventions around the Twin Cities. It co-produces (with Fearless Comedy Productions) a quarterly variety show, “Reverend Matt Presents the Monster Science Ensemble,” and its own podcast, videos, and schedule may be found at

October will feature Killer B’s Improv Movie Show!  As clips of strange movies play onscreen, a team of voice actors and musicians create a whole new soundtrack… without ever seeing the movies before! It’s film, improv comedy, and live music all in one, plus a 75% chance of rubber-suit monsters!

Tickets $12