Suggested donation of $20 gives you access to all 50 hours of the marathon. To enhance your viewing experience we have Fearless Members do challenges or receive rewards which you can purchase at a variety of price ranges, so that everyone can play along. Join us the weekend of April Fools’ Day Starting at 7pm on March 31st to see what Fearless Comedy Productions is all about!

More information and the performance schedule can be found here:

Die Laughing 4: Laugh and Let Die

Die Laughing 4: Laugh and Let Die is the comedy fundraising marathon you’ve been waiting for, at the Phoenix Theater for the first time in its four year history! This fundraiser features fifty straight hours of comedy!  The acts range from improvisation to sketch comedy to standup to family friendly and after dark specials, and every quirky concept in between is sure to have something for everyone. Sponsor challenges and rewards for your favorite Fearless Company Members, have a snack and socialize with the performers in the lobby, bid on silent auction prizes, and all while supporting Fearless Comedy Productions a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.   

This fundraiser helps local artists (both members and non-members of Fearless) get paid to do what they love, act, write, direct, stage manage and laugh!   We pay all performers, writers, techs and managers of our major productions.  We provided opportunities for our Company members to learn from the best through free education and some reimbursement for training outside the company.  Without your help, we cannot keep doing this.  Fearless supports shows that push boundaries and push buttons, and artists who explore every facet of comedy production from stage to video to podcasting and beyond.

At Fearless we believe comedy should never be scary: it should be fearless!